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Cardboard Scrap

Cardboard referred to as corrugated cardboard or popularly aslo known as carton and paperbox scrap, is a recyclable material that is recycled by small and large scale businesses to save money on waste disposal costs. Cardboard or carton recycling is the reprocessing and reuse of thick sheets/ papers or stiff multilayered papers/ thik papers that have been used or utilised, discarded or regarded as waste and has no further use of.

The Scrapwalla collects and buy from in huge as well as moderate quantity and from the recycller and businesses collect the waste cardboard at designated cardboard collection points.

The Prices depend upon quanitity and quality of the papers and are bought in weight and it may vary from the size and quanitity, quality of cardboard and also depend upon the location of the cardboard laying from one location to other and also very care.

We are offering the best price for the cardboard / carton scrap on quantity also at weighing scale. All the cardboard/ carton scrap is being taken as scrap only and scrap material only and not as second hand.


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